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Wheels / Rollers Jump Off The Track? - Read More

After years of usage, it is normal for every gate wheels/ rollers to have wear and tear no matter what the brand is. There are a few ways to tell if your gate wheels/ rollers are working properly. For instance, if you hear squeaking noises when you close or open the gate, this means that something is wrong with the wheels/ rollers. Also, your gate could start to become wobbly after some point of usage, telling you that one of your wheels/ rollers is damaged. Besides that, another way to tell if your gate wheels/ rollers are broken is by looking at its position with the track. A wheel or roller that is misaligned from the track means that it has to be changed as soon as possible.
We highly recommend swing gates to everyone as it does not have wheels and is a lot easier to maintain compared to folding gates and sliding gates. Customers usually face many problems after installing the folding gates and sliding gates, mostly caused by the gate wheels/ rollers. They are the only types of gates that have wheels, making them harder to maintain than the others.

To maintain these gates, you must always spray WD40 on all moving parts on the gate such as the bearing, hinges and wheels. Any debris found on the track must also be swept off at all times to prevent them from getting stuck on the gate wheels. It would be best if you can replace the wheels every five years that is only if budget is not a concern for you. We know that money is usually an issue for most customers, so we strongly discourage them from getting the folding gate and sliding gate. Of course, for customers who insist on getting them, we do sell these gates from local brands.
Having a broken gate wheel is very dangerous and should not be taken lightly as it could cause the gate to collapse anytime, injuring you and your family members or damaging your car. If you have any problems, please call us immediately at 012 – 295 6299 to have us replace the wheels and avoid the risk of anyone getting injured.

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